Trauma Therapy Centre
  • 3 business days’ notice or more: No fee charged
  • 2 business days’ notice: $115 (if the appointment is not filled)
  • Around 1 days’ notice or on the day: Full fee payment (if not filled)

A missed appointment is a loss for 3 people:-

  • You who are delaying your own therapy progress
  • Another client who has been sitting on the waiting list to see me urgently and who has not had enough notice to change their plans
  • Me having spent time preparing for the session

If the fee is not settled?

If I have not heard from you by email or text within 48 hours of your cancellation or non-attendance, then no further appointments will be available until payment is made.  Two missed appointments no further appointments will be available

  • Cancellation fees are payable within 48 hours of the cancelled appointment
  • Medicare does not cover cancelled appointment fees
  • Given notification by email or text that you are unwell within two business days (48 hours) of missing your appointment and a medical certificate can be supplied within two days of your missed appointment
  • If extenuating circumstances or an emergency has occurred