Trauma Therapy Centre


Yes if you are 18+ and are experiencing the following:

  • addictions – emotional eating, gambling…
  • anger management
  • chronic pain
  • grief – perinatal & other losses
  • nightmares
  • panic attacks
  • performance blocks
  • phobias
  • stress
  • trauma (single or multiple events or attachment trauma)
  • plus the usual suspects, depression & anxiety

Athletes and Actors – wanting to enhance performance

  • to increase mental toughness, improve performance and recover more quickly from injury
    • using HRV Biofeedback to enhance athleticism & help recovery from injury
    • using Brainspotting to address blocks or improve mental toughness
  • actors who wish to liberate their full creative potential
    • using Brainspotting or if you wish to enhance your ability to control nerves then HRV Biofeedback as well

Brain based therapies

Trauma Informed

Telehealth & InRooms

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